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Crepe Paper Tape factory
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Turbine Vane sample
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wholesale ABS Pipe
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  6x4 Photo Frames suppliers
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:47 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

Our History
Our company was established in 1990 to specialize in manufacturing and exporting wooden photo frames, glass photo frames, metal photo frames, plastic photo frames and multiple material photo frames.
We have been supplying various types of photo frames for prestigious stores in the U.S. and Europe for years. Customers can select from our diversified range of wood, glass and multiple material frames. Over the years, we have developed more than six thousand different designs. We welcome requests for custom-made designs
Our designers travel allover the world to get ideas and at least 300 new items will be added to our new selection every season. We keep creative to meet the diversified requirement of our customers.
Our products aim to meet the requirement of high-end & middle-end market. We are proud of our excellent workmanship, reasonable price and elegant styles. Most of our customers place repeat orders very soon.
Looking forwards to working together with you and we guarantee you satisfaction in our quality and customer's services.
Our Factory
Our factory, located in Zhejiang province, east part of china, is proud of 20 years' of professional designing and manufacturing photo frames and wall arts. With many years' experience in the photo frame field, our management team has gradually built up a highly capable personnel base. With a 120000 square feet' factory and 200 highly dedicated technicians and engineers, we have a yearly production output of 300 containers. We have various production equipment and machines which enable us to reach 500000 pieces quantity monthly capacity. we have certification of ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000
Our Product
Wooden photo frames, glass photo frames, metal photo frames, plastic photo frames
Product Application
Home decor, gifts, promotion
Our Certificate
Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit(SMETA)
Production Equipment
Polishing machines, Painting machine line, Laser machine
Production Market
We have been supplying various types of photo frames for prestigious stores in the U.S. and Europe for years. Our photo frames are sold in many chain stores in the U.S., for examples, KOHLES, ROSS, BED BATH BEYOND.6x4 Photo Frames suppliers

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  Crepe Paper Tape factory
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:45 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

Moisture Resistant Crepe Paper Tape
Description of Crepe Paper Tape:
Moisture Resistant Crepe Paper Tape used on a wide variety of smooth substrates as a printed or unprinted general purpose tape. It can be used for packaging, bundling, binding, holding, splicing, banding, labeling, color coding, decorating and identification.
Feature of Crepe Paper Tape:
Removes cleanly with no residue
Does not cause surface damage
Applies quickly and easily
Easy to use - comes off the roll easily
Jumbo roll: maximum length: 1,800m
Maximum width: 1250mm (usable width 990/1250mm)
Slitted roll: width and length available upon request
Color: colors can be customized
Application of Crepe Paper Tape:
1.Ideal for multi-surface application.
2.Suitable for outdoor application.
3.Paper aproning and fixing, bundling, holding, sealing and other applications
4.Applicable to different temperature resistance with cleaner removal. No adhesive residue. It is used for fixing resistors, capacitors, masking and automobile industry in the process of spray-painting.Crepe Paper Tape factory

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  buy Shielding Gas
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:44 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

1. In 1986, Wuxi Sacredequine Gas Co.,Ltd was established.
2. In 1998 with 10 years from 15 people to develop a team of 345 people, while the company completed the technical reserves, talent pool, the company laid a solid foundation.
3. In 2003 the company's first bottle of acetylene gas off the assembly line, the development has become one of the largest acetylene producers.
4. In 2009 the company set up the first six branches in China, the main products include acetylene gas, special gases, rare gases and high purity electronic gas
5. In 2012 the company set up the 15th branch in China, becoming the leader in domestic gas producers, operating more than 150 kinds of gas products.
6. 2016 Shanghai Zhang Nan Chemical Co., Ltd. was established, marking the company officially entered the international market for international customers with a variety of gas products, and provide the core competitiveness of the market price
Shanghai Zhang Nan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a global trading company
Our present is one of China's gas cylinders and 1000-30000 cubic meters per hour of air separation gas. At present, with the production of 1.8 million bottles of acetylene gas, 50,000 bottles of high purity gas, 20,000 bottles of mixed gas and other large natural gas production capacity of 2 million bottles, with 16 on-site air separation production line. Subordinate gas companies, dangerous goods transport companies, dangerous goods storage companies and other 15 enterprises
Shanghai Zhangnan Chemical production products are widely used in photovoltaic industry, thermal cutting industry, electronics industry, aviation industry, large-scale manufacturing, powder metallurgy, scientific research experiments, petrochemical industry, large-scale manufacturing.
Production equipment:
1. with 10 sets of 10000-3000 cubic meters / hour of air separation equipment
2. 16 gas production lines, with an annual output of various types of gas 2 million bottles
3. Hydrogen manufacturing workshop, with an annual output of 300,000 bottles
4. A high purity mixed gas distribution workshop, with an annual output of high purity mixed gas 50,000 bottles
Quality monitoring equipment:
1. 2 sets of halo water analyzer
2. 2 sets of Shimadzu,
3. 4 sets of domestic spectrometer
Transport equipment:
32 transport vehicles
12 liquid gas carriers
28,000 square meters of chemical bottle factory
1. What's your product price?
Because each industrial gas price depends on your quantity and purity requirements, it is difficult to give a fixed price. If you are interested in each gas, please provide your details. I can offer you an offer.
2. What's the min order?
Different products with different MOQ, please do not hesitate to tell us your needs
3. What's your payment term?
50% T/T deposit, 50% T/T against B/L copy or 100% Irrevocable L/C at sight
4. All the cylinders can recycle?
Usually seamless steel cylinder can recycle to use in 20 years. The disposable cylinder is only for use one time.when you ordered our cylinders, next time, you can send back the cylinders to fill gas again. You just need to tell us before you export. We will handle all the import customs clearance formalities.
5. Is there any cautions to use gas cylinders?
1) The use and testing of gas cylinder shall be subject to “Safety inspection regulations
for gas cylinders” issued by State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
2) The gas cylinder shall away from heat and sunlight exposure. The distance from fire should be no less than 10 meter. And it is prohibited to hit the cylinders.
3) It is prohibited to use fire to heat the valve if it was frozen.
4) The nozzle of the gas cylinder was strictly prohibited from oil contamination
5) The gas in the cylinder cannot be entirely exhausted, it would be better to remain not less than 0.040 MPa residual pressure
6) The filling pressure of gas cylinder cannot exceed the prescribed Shielding Gas

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  led shadowless operating lamp price
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:42 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

灯泡功率(V.HZ)〜220V / 50HZ〜220V / 50HZ
LED珠子的功率(W)N80 * 1N40 * 1
LED 700灯配备80个LED珠,每个1W,LED 500灯配备40个1W的LED珠。由于空间的合理性,可以达到节能的完美效果

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  Turbine Vane sample
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:41 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

浩森位于中国国家航空高技术产业基地西安阎良。作为全球供应商,我们现在有超过50家海内外客户,并与全球最大的自动化仪表公司Rosemount Inc建立了战略合作伙伴关系。因此,我们是中国最大的汽轮机制造商东方汽轮机股份有限公司的主要涡轮叶片供应商之一。




浩森根据客户图纸或样品开发新产品有丰富的经验。我们采用5s + 2现场管理系统,ERP系统,对制造过程中的每一个环节严格控制产品质量。所以,我们有信心满足您对不锈钢外壳的所有要求。

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  cheap Low Price Office Mobile Pedestal 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:40 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

single 6 tier steel metal storage office locker suppliers
Product Introduction:
The 6 tier steel locker can be used for safe storage of personal items in a variety of settings. These lockers provide storage space for up to six people’s personal items, and they are hygienic in addition to being safe. In schools, factories, workplaces, and elsewhere, up to six people can store their personal items in these cheap lockers.Gym or community centre might also provide patrons with storage space using this product.

product specifications:
Material:high quality steel
Thickness:0.6mm,0.4~1.2mm is available
Color:RAL system
Handle:iron,plastic and more
Air vent:yes
Name card:yes
Usage:Office,school,home,company and other area.
Function:Storge clothes,shoes,books, documents,files and so Low Price Office Mobile Pedestal 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

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  wholesale CO2 Gas Shielded Argon Welding Wire ER70S-6
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:39 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

Company Introduction
EO Welding (Welding Materials Suppliers) is a privately run company that originated from its parent company of 2002 in Shenyang, Liaoning EO Technology Co., Ltd.
EO Welding Company takes the science and technology as the impetus, strives for the survival by the quality.
Product Introduction
EO Welding supplies all kinds of welding materials from our main warehouse located in Shenyang, and from other warehouses in different cities in China to all over the world.
For welding materials we can supply welding electrodes and welding wires of different materials for different welding type. Besides, EO Welding also supply welding accessories and welding safety, such as welding guns, welding torch, welding nozzle, welding helmet, welding glove, welding dark glass and so on.
Product Applications
All position welding electrode that can be used with both AC and DC. It is useful for pipe welding.  It produces a deep penetration weld and can weld over rust, dirt and paint also. It is also suitable for x-ray quality welding.
Welding processes are a foundational aspect of all large-construction industries, ensuring strong, sustainable connections within buildings, bridges and other infrastructures.
In the electrical and electronics industries, discharge capacitor (DC) welds are preferred for use with the thinner sheet metals associated with smaller, more delicate electronics systems. This welding option is used throughout the electrical system build-out process in numerous specialty applications, such as medical labs and small appliance fabrications. CD welding neatly bonds components like switchboards and switches in cabinets and on panels, fix fascia panels, add buttons and instruments, and attach printed circuit boards.
For more rugged applications that involve thicker metal dimensions, arc stud welding provides the control and effectiveness necessary to firmly bond heavier pieces together. In the automotive industry, arc welds bond heat shields, exhaust systems and hydraulic lines to the chassis. Metal furniture pieces like office desks, file cabinets and shelving units are often welded. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning units are usually constructed using welding processes.
Welding has been the traditional shipbuilding construction method used since the advent of the Industrial Age. Ensuring a water-tight surface is essential. Inside the ship, welding processes secure hatches, fluid lines, control panels and many other components critical to a safe and seaworthy vessel.
Our Service
EO Welding has professional technicians, advanced production equipment, perfect testing process. Customer is first, reputation is important, quality is a must point. Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you.wholesale CO2 Gas Shielded Argon Welding Wire ER70S-6

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  China Blue Porcelain Floor Tiles
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Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles Description:
Rustic tile is a classical, ancient world design features of the building materials.The colors and finishes of these tiles are heavily inspired by nature, and provide an effective antithesis to modern designs. EO Blue Rustic tiles can be used in a variety of floor applications to create or complement retro style.

Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles Details:
Name:Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles
MaterialTongueorcelainMain Color:Blue
Country of Origin:China(mainland)Brand:EO
Standard Sizes:600mm*600mm Or as customers'requirementThickness:6-10cm
Surface Finished:Rustic TilesWater absorption:%0.5-%1
Usage:Interior & walls, bedrooms, hotels, schools, supermarkets and lobbies.
Major Market:USA, EU, Canada, Oceania,Middle East.
Sample:Free Samples
MOQ:1000 SQ.M.
PackageTongueaper carton and wooden pallets.
Payment:L/L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union
Shipment Terms:FOB,CIF Or Needs
Delivery Time:20days after deposit

Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles Application:
Interior floor & walls, bedrooms, hotels, schools, supermarkets and lobbies.

Our Advantage:
1. Fast delivery owing to large stocks prepared each month.
2. Professional design team serve you.
3. Huge production capacity for satisfied you.
4. A lot of numeric imported equipments for quality warranty.
5. OEM&ODM are highly welcome.

As a professional manufacturer and designer of Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles for 15 years, we can offer a variety of styles of tiles and experienced technical staff, we can offer high quality and best price Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles. Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles will be shipped directly from the Chinese factory to your warehouse or store. We are confident to be the best Blue Rustic Porcelain Floor Tiles supplier in China. China Blue Porcelain Floor Tiles

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  wholesale ABS Pipe
Geschrieben von: fangbaby1392 - Gestern, 10:36 - Forum: PHP Basics - Keine Antworten

We offer wide range of ABS Drainage Pipe that is widely used throughout industry in both positive and negative pressure applications. Having a predefined quality administration system, we are engrossed in presenting a broad array of ABS Drainage Pipe. In conformism with the quality guidelines defined by the industry, these offered hoses are highly demanded. To add, our ability to meet with their sole and bulk orders has earned us massive appreciation in this nation.
●Longer life
●Remarkable finish
We often custom run this ABS Drainage Pipe to meet highly specific requirements. Applications that commonly depend on our reliable ABS Drainage Pipe include:
●Very ideally for conveying water
●Agricultural and industrial service
Production flow of ABS Drainage Pipe
1.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a FDA, SGS, UL and ROHS approved manufacturer specialized in plastic pipes & fittings.
OEM & ODM service are available.
2.What is your MOQ of ABS Drainage Pipe?
A: Our minimum order quantity of ABS Drainage Pipe is 1000 Meters.
3.What is your delivery date of ABS Drainage Pipe?
A: The delivery date is about 5-7 days after receipt of payment.
4.What are your payment terms of ABS Drainage Pipe?
A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.
5.Can you send free samples of ABS Drainage Pipe?
A: Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the shipping cost.
Our usual packaging ways are as followings, OR it can be as customer's request.wholesale ABS Pipe

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  Profile Steel Shear Line manufacturers
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Our History
Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd is the one of the most famous machine tools manufacturers in China. EO has 60 years history in producing machine tools, and has been identified as the national high-tech company. EO drafted the national standard for CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, electro hydraulic forging hammer and 5-axis machining center. EO is one of the high-tech and high- growth enterprises in Liaoning province.
Our Product
Our main products include CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, hydraulic press, forging manipulator, shear device, CNC machining center, CNC router, etc.
Our Certificate
Our C series pneumatic forging hammer has been awarded the top prize by China Government and the best brand machine in Liaoning province, and CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer has been awarded the Liaoning Science and Technology Progress Award and National Patent Award for 4 items. EO has passed ISO9001 quality certification. Two products have been given the original certificate to protect the best quality machines.
Production Market
EO follows the principles of "Technical Innovation First, Quality First, Sales Amount First and After-sales Service First" and offer diverse kinds of forging equipments and machining centers of complete specifications, superior quality and competitive price. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, such as Germany, USA, France, UK, Russia, India and Vietnam, and have gained highly reputations all over the world.
Our service
EO follows the principle to service for the machine tools industry development, for customers and pursuit the satisfaction of customers. We will offer the high quality products and contribute our efforts for the development of world heavy industry.Profile Steel Shear Line manufacturers

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