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  Glass boards
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The dry erase board is a white note board named for its ability to be erased with a dry tissue, board eraser, or any soft dry material such as a paper towel or cloth. The secret is in the board's special dry-erase markers, that can be easily wiped clean without water or rubbing. Dry erase boards are often installed in classrooms in lieu of chalkboards.

Glass boards are essentially whiteboard royalty because they are built with durable tempered glass. They are highly resistant to damage and are very hard to destruct. Glass is an entirely impermeable surface material, which means that any residue is easily wiped away without using moisture or other materials to assist the user.
bulletin board is a board for posting notices. Bulletin boards reflect a class or school’s identity. In and outside the classroom, bulletin boards that make learning visible show what we value, offer opportunities for reflection, help learners make connections within and across subject matter, and contribute to a shared and public body of knowledge.
chalkboard (also known as a blackboard) is a reusable writing surface on which text or drawings are made with sticks of calcium sulphate or calcium carbonate, known, when used for this purpose, as chalk. Blackboards were originally made of smooth, thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone. There are some advantages to using a chalkboard. Chalk requires no special care. Chalk is an order of magnitude cheaper than whiteboard markers for a comparable amount of writing. It is easier to draw lines of different weights and thicknesses with chalk than with whiteboard markers. Chalk has a mild smell and is mostly biodegradable.
Flipchart easel boards are used to place the flip chart which is a stationery item consisting of a pad of large paper sheets. A flip chart is It is typically fixed to the upper edge of a whiteboard, or supported on a tripod or four-legged easel. Such boards are commonly used for presentations.

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  Mini fan
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Mini fan can be easily set up on your desks or can be held in your hands. Despite the small size, mini fans are as functional as a normal fan. They provide ample airflow to keep you cool. There are many different types of mini fans that you can buy online. They may vary in their design, power, and style.

desk fan is usually a fan that is small in size and portable so it can be easily moved around and placed on top of a desk without being unwieldy or taking up too much space. Desk fans are frequently seen in offices and schools during hot months, providing an easy cooling source without the expense of air conditioning.
mini humidifier is a small, portable version of a standard humidifier. People choose to use mini humidifiers instead of standard humidifiers for a number of reasons, portability often topping the list. A mini humidifier may help reduce sneezing caused by seasonal allergies.
humidifier emits water vapor or steam into the air to increase the level of moisture and humidity. It consists of a water tank and a base for different controls. Types of humidifiers include central humidifiers that are built into home heating and air conditioning systems, ultrasonic humidifiers which produce a cool mist with ultrasonic vibration, impeller humidifiers which produce a cool mist with a rotating disk, evaporators that use a fan to blow air through a wet wick, filter or belt and steam vaporizers which use electricity to create steam that cools before leaving the machine.
Rechargeable hand warmers are small, battery-powered devices to hold for warmth that you can slip into gloves and pockets. These gadgets can serve as heat therapy for people with rheumatoid arthritis,1 an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in joints, most commonly in the hands, wrists, and knees. They can also be helpful for those with Raynaud’s, a phenomenon where small arteries constrict in response to severe cold and limit blood supply to fingers and toes, causing them to get pale, cold, and numb.
diffuser is a device that spreads something over a wide area. In the case of a diffuser for essential oils, it takes the pleasant smelling, therapeutic essential oils and spreads (diffuses) them throughout your home or workplace.
Air purifiers are designed to get rid of odors, allergens, dust and other unwanted airborne substances. Most have two main parts: a fan and a filter. The fan’s job is to circulate the air in a room by sucking in air and forcing it back out through the filter. As the air passes through the filter (or, in the case of some models, multiple filters), pollutants become trapped in it. If an air purifier is working well, the air that has passed through it will contain fewer pollutants than the air that has not passed through it.
mosquito swatter is an electronic device that produces high voltage around 300-400 volts in the nets. When the mosquito passes through the outer and inner nets of the swatter, its wings short out and spark which will destroy it. The mosquito swatter circuit consists of three sections, AC to DC converter, an oscillator, a step-up transformer, and a net or grid.
vacuum cleaner, also known simply as a vacuum or a hoover, is a device that causes suction in order to remove dirt from floors, upholstery, draperies, and other surfaces. It is generally electrically driven. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal. Vacuum cleaners, which are used in homes as well as in industry, exist in a variety of sizes and models—small battery-powered hand-held devices, wheeled canister models for home use, domestic central vacuum cleaners, huge stationary industrial appliances that can handle several hundred litres of dust before being emptied, and self-propelled vacuum trucks for recovery of large spills or removal of contaminated soil. Specialized shop vacuums can be used to suck up both dust and liquids.
lint remover is a handheld tool with at least one covered blade and a motor that moves the blades. The device may run on batteries or have a cord that plugs into an electrical outlet. When you turn the lint remover on, the blades begin to move. As you gently press the lint remover over the fabric in a circular motion, the blades shave off any lint, pills, or fuzz, leaving a completely smooth surface.

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  Decorative LED filament bulbs
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LED lighting is a lamp or other light that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of illumination. Most lighting comes from an incandescent or fluorescent light bulb. Although they are different than the traditional bulb, LED bulbs are available that can be put into traditional lamps and used like most other light bulbs. They are much more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent options, however. An LED light bulb is a solid-state lighting ( SSL) device that fits in standard screw-in connections but uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to produce light. LED light bulbs are a more environmentally-friendly alternative to incandescent bulbs.

The globe LED bulb is an A19-shaped bulb with an E26 base that fits most standard lamp and fixture sockets. The dimmable LED bulb carries a brightness rating of 800 lumens, roughly equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb in terms of output. The distinctive shape of globe light bulbs makes them relatively easy to recognize. The large, round light bulb tapers very suddenly into a comparatively narrow base. While they look similar to GLS or golfball light bulbs, the size of the globe compared to its cap makes it easy to differentiate.
The Led spot light is a luminaire which equipped with a high concentration of light, therefore, generally its light irradiation has a specific target, it is mainly used for special lightings, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or innovative place.
The LED bead source can be divided into six types including LED G4, LED G9, LED J78 J118, LED oven bulb, LED smoke bulb, LED refrigerator bulb.
The vintage LED filament bulbs are made in the same timeless design as the traditional incandescent light bulbs with visible glowing filaments and clear glass and are just as beautiful. The LED filament bulb emits visible light from its filaments, a structure of multiple diode’s that resemble the filaments of incandescent bulbs.
Edison vintage LED filament bulbs now are available in the Edison vintage style. They emit warm light just like the original 1900’s Edison bulbs, they are shaped the same, and even the filament inside the bulb is similar. The wattage they consume is a fraction of what the incandescent bulb consumes and the average life is 5 times longer.
Decorative LED filament bulbs provide an ideal solution for decorative lighting applications. You'll often find them in shops, cafes, clubs, bars and restaurants to create a warm ambience. Decorative lighting applications often require lights to be dimmable.
The halogen lamp is also known as a quartz halogen and tungsten halogen lamp. It is an advanced form of an incandescent lamp. The filament is composed of ductile tungsten and located in a gas-filled bulb just like a standard tungsten bulb, however, the gas in a halogen bulb is at a higher pressure (7-8 ATM). The glass bulb is made of fused quartz, high-silica glass, or aluminosilicate. This bulb is stronger than standard glass in order to contain high pressure. This lamp has been an industry standard for work lights and film/television lighting due to its compact size and high lumen output.
LED floodlight is a kind of point light source which can even illuminate toward all rounds, its lighting range can be adjusted at random. LED floodlight is the most applicable lighting source when making the effect drawing, the standard LED floodlight is used to illuminate whole occasions. Many LED floodlights can be used on occasion to produce a better effect. LED floodlight even illuminates objects from a special spot, it is similar to a lamp bulb or candle. LED floodlight can be put anywhere, for example, it can be put outside of the lighting range of the camera or inner of the object.
Lighting accessories are divided into two types including LED bulb base and LED bulb lamp holder.

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  DC generator
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An engine is a machine for converting any of various forms of energy into mechanical force and motion.

diesel engine is an internal-combustion engine in which air is compressed to a sufficiently high temperature to ignite diesel fuel injected into the cylinder, where combustion and expansion actuate a piston. It converts the chemical energy stored in the fuel into mechanical energy, which can be used to power freight trucks, large tractors, locomotives, and marine vessels. A limited number of automobiles also are diesel-powered, as are some electric-power generator sets.
Diesel engine parts include a head gasket lying between the engine block and cylinder heads of a diesel engine, fuel Injectors releasing diesel gas into the combustion chamber where it mixes with air, camshaft and crankshaft, the crankcase surrounding the crankshaft, flywheel minimizing noise and vibration, cylinder heads and exhaust system.
gasoline engine is a type of heat engine, specifically an internal combustion, that is powered by gasoline. These engines are the most common ways of making motor vehicles move. While turbines can be powered by gasoline, a gasoline engine refers specifically to piston-driven gasoline engines.
Rice mill is a piece of emerging machinery widely used in agricultural industries as rice is important to major food consumed worldwide. It removes the stones, husk, and bran layers from paddy grains cultivated directly from farms and converts them easily into white eatable rice.
An electric generator, also called dynamo, any machine that converts mechanical energy to electricity for transmission and distribution over power lines to domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. Generators also produce the electrical power required for automobiles, aircraft, ships...
AC generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The AC Generator’s input supply is mechanical energy supplied by steam turbines, gas turbines and combustion engines. The output is an alternating electrical power in the form of alternating voltage and current. AC generators can be easily stepped up and stepped down through transformers. Losses in AC generators are relatively lesser than in DC machines.
DC generator is an electrical machine whose main function is to convert mechanical energy into electricity. When the conductor slashes magnetic flux, an emf will be generated based on the electromagnetic induction principle of Faraday’s Laws. This electromotive force can cause a flow of current when the conductor circuit is closed. The separately excited type DC generators are used for power and lighting purposes. The series DC generator is used in arc lamps for lighting, stable current generator and booster.
The water pump can be defined as a pump that uses the principles like mechanical as well as hydraulic throughout a piping system to make sufficient force for its future use. The core concept of a water pump is to use a motor to convert rotational energy or kinetic energy and turn it into energy for moving fluid or for fluid flow (hydrodynamic energy). Centrifugal pumps work with an impeller, fluid enters through the rotating impeller and is expelled out through centrifugal force through the impeller’s tips.
Diesel engine water pump is an internal combustion engine with the lowest fuel consumption, the highest thermal efficiency, a wide range of power, and various speeds in thermal power machinery. It has also been widely used in the water pump valve industry. Diesel engine water pump generally refers to the diesel engine as the power, the pump unit is driven by the diesel engine through the elastic coupling. It has the advantages of advanced and reasonable structure, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, reliability and convenient assembly and disassembly.

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  Dental 3D printers
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An intraoral scanner is a handheld device used to directly create a digital impression of the oral cavity. Light source from the scanner is projected onto the scan objects, such as full dental arches, and then a 3D model processed by the scanning software will be displayed in real-time on a touch screen.

Mask is a covering worn over the mouth and nose in order to reduce the transmission of infectious agents or to prevent the inhalation of pollutants and other harmful substances.
scar repair sheet is a soft silicone self-adhesive occlusive sheet. It is designed for the management of hypertrophic and keloid scars and the prevention of hypertrophic or keloid scarring after surgery on closed wounds. The sheet should be cut down to the size of the scar; multiple sheets can be used for larger scars. The adhesive side should be placed downwards onto the scar. Adhesive bandage tape can be used if the sheet doesn’t stick. They should remain over the scar for a minimum of twelve hours a day.
Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots. If you have varicose veins, spider veins, or have just had surgery, your health care provider may prescribe compression stockings.
An alginate dressing is a wound dressing that contains alginate fibers derived from seaweed. These dressings are used in the management of wounds that are producing a great deal of exudate, such as deep sores. These dressings are made primarily of seaweed derivatives, and the fibers are spun into ropes or sheets. As the alginate absorbs fluid, it is converted to a gel that provides moisture to the wound bed. Alginates always require a secondary dressing to keep them in place.
Hydrocolloid dressings provide a moist and insulating healing environment that protects uninfected wounds while allowing the body's own enzymes to help heal wounds. These dressings are unique because they don't have to be changed as often as some other wound dressings and are easy to apply.
The silicone foam dressing offers extreme absorbency, great fit and promotes fast healing for most wound types and stages. This self-adhesive foam dressing helps create a conducive environment for healing by keeping the wound moist and preventing bacteria contamination/activity.
dental microscope is an important tool that allows for better visualization through magnification of objects. In dentistry, microscopes enhance precision which not only enhances the quality of the dentists’ work but also helps ensure the long-term dental health of the patient. For dentists, some of the primary goals include micro-invasive surgeries, minimizing risks and reducing the overall healing time.
microscope is an instrument that can be used to observe small objects, even cells. The image of an object is magnified through at least one lens in the microscope. This lens bends light toward the eye and makes an object appear larger than it actually is. The microscope may provide a dynamic image (as with conventional optical instruments) or one that is static (as with conventional scanning electron microscopes).
Dental 3D printers feature light or laser that polymerizes a liquid with the computer-guided precision required to produce small objects with intricate details. The dental 3D printing workflow has four steps. The first step is to scan – collect a digital impression with an intraoral scanner. Send the scans to a lab or to a design station. The second step is to design – import the digital scan into design software (CAD) and design. The third step is to print – once designing is complete, import the file to print preparation software for printer setup. The last step is to prepare – wash, dry, and post-cure printed parts.

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Window film (tint) is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces in automobiles and boats and also to the interior or exterior of glass in homes and buildings. It is usually made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family, due to its clarity, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and ability to accept a variety of surface-applied or embedded treatments. Window films are generically categorized by their construction components (dyed, pigmented, metalized, ceramic, or nano), their intended use (automotive, marine, or architectural), substrate type (glass or polycarbonate), and/or their technical performance (privacy, solar control, safety, and security).

Automotive window film is used to protect the vehicles. The film can block a lot of heat generated by infrared rays very well and prevent skin damage, but also reduce car interior aging. The base layer of the film is a polyester film, which is very resistant to tearing and breakdown. With the adhesive layer of the film, the strength of the glass after the film is applied can prevent the accidental glass breakage from causing damage to the driver and passengers. After the film is applied, it is usually impossible to see the inside of the car from the outside of the car, while the outside of the car can be seen clearly from the inside of the car, preserving privacy and security.
Architectural window film is a self-adhesive or static cling that can be used for a variety of permanent or temporary applications. Glass film is extremely adaptable as it can be cut into precise designs, such as letters and numbers, or printed to create eye-catching visuals such as pictures or company branding.
Paint protection film (PPF, also called a clear bra, clear film, or clear paint film) is a thermoplastic urethane often self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. This film is also used on airplanes, RVs, cell phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles, and many other areas. The paint protection film is OEM approved by virtually all car manufacturers. The paint protection film is installed on a limited basis by manufacturers on various pieces of cars at the factory (e.g. the rear arches of Porsches). This film is most commonly applied to high-impact areas of vehicles which include: the hood, the front fenders, the front bumper, the side-view mirrors, the rocker panels, the lower portion of the doors, and the rear guards behind the rear wheels.
TPU PPF is a high-performance, uncoated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) paint and surface protection film. It provides a strong and durable shield for any bare or painted metal, glass or plastic surface exposed to extreme conditions to prevent damage from abrasion, chipping, chemicals and wear. TPU PPF has excellent abrasion and impact resistance to provide adhesive coaters, automotive engineers, appliance designers and electronics display manufacturers a durable layer of protection for cars, trucks, appliances, mobile devices, computers, electronic display screens and more. TPU paint and surface protection films offer coaters and converters consistent optical clarity, conformability, UV resistance, lay-flat and Class-A gloss finish required for their products.
TPH PPF comes in either optically clear high-gloss or matte finishes, so it disappears into automotive paint and can be used to create special effects. Our superior film is applied to the surface of the vehicle to create a barrier against water, insects, road debris, and other stains. With either finish, there are benefits of self-healing film and our proprietary technology. When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time. Road grime, bird droppings, bug guts, and air pollution will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives.
Car wrap film is a film designed for the car to protect the surface. It has a variety of advantages. It can reduce air conditioning load and save fuel. The loss of cooling capacity of the air conditioner can be compensated by putting on the heat insulation film, which can instantly reduce the temperature in the car and save fuel consumption to a certain extent. In addition, it can increase beauty. According to personal preferences, the car can be personalized and beautiful through the film.
matte vinyl car wrap film is unique in that the matte vinyl finish absorbs more light than a gloss finish wrap does, which means that the printed colors in a matte vinyl vehicle wrap can look both rich and subdued at the same time. It also can provide a strong and durable shield for any bare or painted metal, glass, or plastic surface exposed to extreme conditions to prevent damage from abrasion, chipping, chemicals, and wear.
Glossy vinyl car wrap film mimics the paint finish we usually find with vehicles. This vinyl film makes the car glitters and reflects light. The glossy wrap film is high quality that molds perfectly well with heat to any curves and contours.

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  Medical vending machines
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The freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine is a leading model for orange juice with our researched software and patented squeezed system. With unique features and an excellent juice yield, these orange juice vending machines produce high-quality freshly squeezed orange juice in 60 seconds. The machine features takeaway model fills and heat seals cups so that the consumers can drink the juice wherever they want. There are an unlimited number of locations that Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines can be successfully located, just some locations that can work well are as follows: Schools, Gymnasiums, Train Stations, Recreation Centres, Large white-collar office sites, Large workplaces of any description, etc.

Fresh food vending machine is a new type of unmanned vending equipment, which can store self-sold fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, and other fresh commodities. The adaptability of vending machines to the most varied food and packaging features can meet the requirements of the food they keep and deliver a high number of different dishes to be stored: Each machine can handle up to a hundred different dishes at the same time.
Frozen food vending machine delivers frozen foods in a compact package. The right capacity and the capability to vend hard frozen packaged meals, sandwiches, wraps, desserts, and even slack frozen items. With the ability to vend cold or frozen foods, the machine can offer customers a large selection of satisfying food choices that not only fit their budget but time allowance as well. These food vending machines are also great for vending frozen foods or ice cream treats.
snack and drink vending machine is an important additional circumstance plant for many places, including public facilities and personal enterprises. The machine uses new technology that can keep both snacks and drinks at their optimum temperatures to provide customers with the best user experience.
drink vending machine is a machine that offers people a range of different hot drinks like tea and coffee or cold drinks such as cans and bottles. There are a wide range of different machines on the market that suit a range of requirements, from coffee machines which offer a superb range of different coffees to the Necta vending machine which can dispense not just cold drinks but also offers the capacity for snacks as well.
Medical vending machines are the automated machines used to dispense prescription drugs, medical devices and miscellaneous medical products by paying through an interface. The medical vending machines can be installed at a suitable place depending on the utility of the machine.
Combo vending machine is a relatively new vending machine that has quickly become a favorite machine for vending professionals. It is a combination of snacks and drinks, all in the same machine, thus eliminating the need for two separate machines.
The vending machine with elevator provides different kinds of snacks and drinks, offering stable performance, superior functionality, and is quite easy to maintain. Most of the vending machine with elevator use state-of-the-art digital and intelligent technology, which guarantees efficiency and accuracy. The machine is antibacterial. It is treated with an antibacterial agent that can destroy the microbial structure and kills bacterial cells. It has a high capacity for merchandise storage.
Adult products vending machines provide various adult products. This machine is mildewproofed and fungus resistant. Anti-mold agents are used in the processing of fabrics to eliminate any harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Its payment system supports coin, paper money, mobile wallet, IC card, QR code, Apple pay, Samsung pay, Quick Pass, etc.
vending machine is a machine the consumer puts money into to buy small items such as packages of food, candy, and drinks. Vending machines work 24 h a day 365 days a year. They need neither stuff nor specialized attention. And it takes a short time to keep them serviced and stocked with the products.

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  Reading glasses
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Sunglasses or sun glasses (informally called shades or sunnies; more names below) are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. They can sometimes also function as a visual aid, as variously termed spectacles or glasses exist, featuring lenses that are colored, polarized or darkened.

Fashion sunglasses always use state-of-the-art materials to craft their signature eyewear frames: premium cellulose acetate, ultra-lightweight titanium, and color-rich stainless steel. The lenses are constructed from impact-resistant prescription material and provide UV protection. They're also scratch-resistant and coated with superhydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments at no additional cost.
Wooden sunglasses are a particularly great replacement for the ones made from harmful plastics drenched in all kinds of harmful chemicals. Wood is sustainable due to its characteristic of biological degradation leaving no trace behind.
Women eyeglasses frames are typically made of either metal or a type of plastic called cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is derived from cotton and is flexible and strong. It is produced in long narrow sheets that are slightly wider than eyeglass frames. The sheets are up to 3 ft (0.91 m) long and 0.33 in (0.84 cm) thick.
Acetate Sunglasses are made of acetate which is light, strong, and easily colored which makes it a fantastic material to be used for sunglasses. It is also flexible and, unlike metal, is warm to touch. Acetate frames are usually cut from large sheets of dyed acetate. Once the acetate sheet has been cut into the desired shape, they are polished to give them the desired look and finish.
A pair of cycling sunglasses have the important job of protecting a biker from bright sunshine, UV rays, wind, trail debris, low branches, and anything else that you do not want in your eyes. Most sunglasses will not only provide you with some level of protection, but also is comfortable, have fantastic lenses and even have features like vents to avoid lens fogging. The best cycling sunglasses will pack all of these features and add a sprinkle of style to help you stand out from the crowd.
Goggles, or safety glasses, are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes. They are used in chemistry laboratories and in woodworking. They are often used in snow sports as well, and in swimming. Goggles are often worn when using power tools such as drills or chainsaws to prevent flying particles from damaging the eyes. Many types of goggles are available as prescription goggles for those with vision problems.
Reading glasses, available in over-the-counter or prescription versions, improve the ability to read something up close, such as a book or a computer screen. Reading glasses are typically for those with presbyopia, the age-related eye condition that causes the eye’s lens to become more rigid over the years, decreasing a person’s near vision.
TR90 is a thermoplastic material produced through Swiss technology. It is currently one of the most popular frame materials used to create durable eyewear frames. Glasses made with TR90 are incredibly flexible, durable, and lightweight. Because of the flexible quality, all TR90 reading sunglasses are comfortable and can contour your face perfectly.
Eyeglasses case is the case for the protection of the glasses. Most of them are made of smooth, tactile synthetic leather. The main body can securely protect the glasses, using a semi-circular hard type of solid aluminum and steel. The Magnetic snap design is for easy access.

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  Solar street lights
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solar light uses energy from the sun to produce light. (Solar light can also refer to natural light coming from the sun.) There are inexpensive lights that you can place outside. During the day, they use solar energy to charge a battery, and at night, or when it's too dark to charge the battery, the battery runs a light.

Solar street lights are street lights powered by sunlight. Solar lights use solar panels. Solar panels use sunlight as an alternative source of the energy. The solar panels are installed on the pole or the lighting structure.
Solar flood lights are commonly used for security purposes. These types of lights are usually seen on the streets. These lights are sometimes seen on both sides of the road, but also on the island in the middle of the road. These lights are also used in gardens, backyard fires and around the house.
Solar garden lights are clever little creations that absorb solar energy through the day, store it, then use it at night to light your front garden path or driveway. Solar garden light is to provide illumination and landscaping decoration for the sides of these areas, to provide security for walkers in night and outdoor activities time.
Lighting poles and posts are an essential part of lighting infrastructure, and our commercial solar lighting systems provide an immediate solution for streets, highways, parking lots, perimeter security, and more. There are many kinds of poles including galvanized, aluminum, straight square steel, round poles, tapered poles, ornamental poles, synthetic composite fiberglass, or concrete poles / posts. Solar lighting poles are so sturdy that they can withstand wind speeds of up to 175 miles per hour. This ensures that when things get rough, the lighting systems will still be up and running after the storm has passed, offering safety and security when you need it most.
Street lights, also known as street light poles, lampposts, and street lamps, are raised public fixtures that provide illumination on the edge of a road or path when light is needed. Light-sensitive photocells are activated automatically at dusk, dawn, or at the start of dark weather.
The high mast light pole is a high pole with the top lighting pointing to the ground. The lighting consists of a ring of lamps surrounding the light pole, one or one of which is surrounded by several independent lighting devices.
A multifunctional pole is one post featuring many functions. The composite structure can serve not only as a telecommunication pole. You can easily and quickly adapt it to other, equally practical applications. Also, it's lightweight and non-conductive. In addition, the pole is of low maintenance.
LED light is an electric light that produces light using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lamps are significantly more energy-efficient than equivalent incandescent lamps and can be significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lamps. The most efficient commercially available LED lamps have efficiencies of 200 lumens per watt (Lm/W). Commercial LED lamps have a lifespan many times longer than incandescent lamps. LED light requires an electronic LED driver circuit to operate from mains power lines, and losses from this circuit means that the efficiency of the lamp is lower than the efficiency of the LED chips it uses. The driver circuit may require special features to be compatible with lamp dimmers intended for use on incandescent lamps.

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  Fiber terminators
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passive multiplexer in most networks consists of a mux and demux optical component. The mux combines, or multiplexes, wavelengths onto a fiber. The demux on the other end of the connection splits, or de-multiplexes, the connections.

In DWDM system, DWDM mux demux is two indispensable modules. Mux (Multiplexer) is a module at the transmitter end that brings several data signals together for transporting over a single fiber, while Demux (Demultiplexer) is a module at the receiver end that separates the signals that come together and passes each channel to an optical receiver.
CWDM mux demux (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer/Demultiplexer) is a flexible, low-cost solution that enables the expansion of existing fiber capacity. CWDM multiplexer is for combining signals together, while demultiplexer is for splitting signals apart.
A polarization-maintaining (PM) WDM filter is a small device used to multiplex PM signals while maintaining the output polarization. When you are using highly efficient systems, PM fibers and PM signals play a very critical role in ensuring the desired efficiency.
Fiber Patch Cord & Cable Assembly, often called fiber patch cable, fiber jumper, or fiber patch lead, is a length of fiber cable that terminated with fiber optic connectors (LC, SC, MTRJ, ST and etc.) at each end. The connectors allow fiber optic patch cord to be rapidly connected to an optical switch or other telecommunications/computer device.
Fiber loopback is widely used for various applications. In terms of telecommunication, loopback is a hardware or software method to feed a received signal or data back to the sender. It is very useful for solving physical connection problems.
Fiber terminators(Plug-in type or Build-out type) are used to terminate unused fiber connector ports in fiber optic systems so optical terminators unwanted reflections are not introduced back into the system. It is used in the fiber-optic networks to install on possibly unused ports.
Fiber optic isolator is a passive component used for fiber optic communications. As a magneto-optic device, the purpose of optical isolator is to allow light to be transmitted in only one direction. An optical isolator is a device that is designed to allow the optical signal travel in the forward direction while block reflections that would travel in the backward direction. Optical isolators are critically important in many applications in optical systems.
FBT splitter(fused biconical taper) is the traditional technology in which two fibers are placed closely together, typically twisted around each other and fused together by applying heat while the assembly is being elongated and tapered. A signal source controls the desired coupling ratio. The fused fibers are protected by a glass substrate and then protected by a stainless steel tube, typically 3 mm diameter by 54 mm long. FBT splitters are widely accepted and used in passive optical networks.
The PLC splitters are used to separate or combine optical signals. A PLC (planar lightwave circuit) is a micro-optical component based on planar lightwave circuit technology and provides a low-cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability. PLCs are manufactured using silica glass waveguide circuits that are aligned with a v-groove fiber array chip that uses ribbon fiber. Once everything is aligned and bonded, it is then packaged inside a miniature housing. PLC splitters have high quality performance, such as low insertion loss, low PDL, high return loss, etc.

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